Ballistic Protection

Project Description

Advanced American Technologies has two ballistic protection patents pending. AT2LAS® ballistics are lightweight, can conform to contours and even 90 degree corners. They have also outperformed ballistic plates currently employed by the U.S. military. Most importantly, it has the ability to withstand multiple engagements. Our most recent design was able to withstand a 7.62×51 armor piercing round from 50’ after being subjected to thirty-three (33) M855, 7.62×51 NATO, and 30.06 FMJ and armor piercing rounds at distances of 21’, 50’ and 100′. We are continuing to conduct testing and develop scalable ballistic protection for doors, walls, vehicles, and personnel. The personal body armor would be a significant upgrade to plates currently being utilized and substantially increase the survivability from multiple engagements.



    • Ballistic Wall
      • Key Features
        • Easy Setup and Customization
        • Blast Penetration
        • Flame Resistant
        • Paintable
        • Airdrop / Static Load Friendly
    • Ballistic Door
      • Key Features
        • Lightweight
        • Reduced Cost
        • High Performance – UL9 / NIJ IV
        • Retrofit Abilities
    • Structural
      • Key Features
        • Machinability
        • RF Factor 189 – Reduced Operating Cost
        • EMP / X Ray Attenuation
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