Aerospace Tooling

Project Description

Advanced American Technologies developed and manufactures an isotropic aluminum impregnated epoxy resin material (AT2LAS®) which is paintable, non-conductive and, importantly, non-corroding. It is 40% lighter than aluminum yet still has a compressive yield of 18,000 psi, tensile strength of 7,200 psi and maintains its physical properties to 425F. As our system is poured into molds and oven cured it is possible to conform to nearly any design. AT2LAS®, can be utilized for rapidly producing tooling (Delivery <1 Month from Purchase Order) for manufacturing carbon fiber parts. Importantly, as we design and manufacture our molds based on the customer provided CATIA file we are able to produce a tool or part that is at, or near net.  As a result, machining is either significantly reduced or eliminated completely and costs are reduced. 

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