About Us

We are a full spectrum composite manufacturing, research and development company. The unique process we utilize to manufacture our products reduces costs and delivery times – deliveries typically occur less than 30 days from receipt of purchase order and data delivery. Additionally, due to the make up of our product and our ability to cast to near-net (Optimized Manufacturing), wear and tear on machinery, machining times and time from order to delivery are significantly reduced. As opposed to other hybrid-epoxy materials on the market today, AT2LAS® performs to 425° F, has an isotropic Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), can easily be repaired, and be recycled.



Oak Ridge | Production

  • Occupying 20,000 sf Manufacturing Facility
  • 20-80ft. TKS Oven
  • State-of-the-Art Ross Mixers
  • 5 Axis Water Jet
  • Automated Cutting Table
  • CNC Machines
  • 60 Ton Press

Huntsville | R&D

  • Occupying 8,000 sf R&D Facility
  • 14ft Lewco Oven
  • State-of-the-Art Ross Mixers
  • Knee Mill
  • Vacuum Chamber Press
  • Horizontal & Vertical Band Saws


21111: Oil and Gas Extraction
22111: Electric Power Generation
22112: Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution
23611: Residential Building Construction
23621: Nonresidential Building Construction
23731: Highway, Street and Bridge Construction
33351: Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
333511: Industrial molds (except steel ingot) manufacturing
333511: Molds (except steel ingot), industrial, manufacturing
333511: Molds for forming materials (e.g., glass, plastics, rubber) manufacturing
333511: Molds for plastics and rubber working machinery manufacturing

333517: Metal forming machine tools manufacturing
33611: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
33621: Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
33631: Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
33641: Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
336411: Developing and producing prototypes for aircraft
336413: Developing and producing prototypes for aircraft parts (except engines) and auxiliary equip.
336419: Developing and producing prototypes for guided missile and space vehicle components
33661: Ship and Boat Building
33691: Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

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